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Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA or H.R. 4040) is effective since 14 August 2008. It covers all children s product placed on the market of USA. Any manufacturers of covered products shall provide certification to prove that the products meet the requirements under CPSIA.

This act consists of two parts, Children s Products Safety and Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform. Detail content of Children s Products Safety is showed below:

Sec. 101. Children s products containing lead; lead paint rule.

Sec. 102. Mandatory third party testing for certain children s products.

Sec. 103. Tracking labels for children s products.

Sec. 104. Standards and consumer registration of durable nursery products.

Sec. 105. Labeling requirement for advertising toys and games.

Sec. 106. Mandatory toy safety standards.

Sec. 107. Study of preventable injuries and deaths in minority children related to consumer products.

Sec. 108. Prohibition on sale of certain products containing specified phthalates.

Sec. 101 stipulates lead content in surface coating and paint shall not exceed 90mg/kg, and thoes in accessible substrates shall not exceed 100mg/kg. Sec. 108 set out content of 6 kinds of phthalates in children s products each shall exceed 1000mg/kg.

NoSubstancesTesting methodRegulation
1Total LeadCPSC-CH-E1001-08.1CPSIA


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